MahaShivaratri Being Observed All Over the Nation

MahaShivaratri, the great holy Hindu festival of the sanctified Bholenath, is being observed all over the nation. In the auspicious occasion of MahaShivaratri, there has been ongoing revering to Lord Shiva at various Shiva temples all over the country. Especially, there has been a long file of devotees at Pashupatinath Temple Complex in Gaushala, Kathmandu since morning to offer praying to almighty Lord Shiva. At Pashupatinath, all four entrances have been open for devotees since 3:00 AM.

Pashupatinath Temple Complex

To facilitate the dense circulation, Pashupatinath Region Development Trust (PRDT) has provisioned accessible entrance routes to Pashupatinath Temple Complex. The entrances have been brought about from Gaushala to Pingalasthan leading to southern entrance to the temple complex, from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) to Batsalyeshwori Aryaghat leading to eastern entrance to the temple complex, and from Mitrapark to Gaurighat leading to northern entrance to the temple complex.

The PRDT officials claim that the devotees will be able to enter the main temple within an hour. On donating Rs. 1,000, there is also a provision of direct entrance to the main temple, without standing in a queue. There are thousands of devotees who have traveled long from India and from various parts of the country to pray their offerings to Lord Shiva. PRDT has expected that around seven lakhs devotees from India and Nepal will be observing the festival. PRDT has estimated that it would cost around Rs. 60 m in management of the MahaShivaratri festival.


For handling the mass of devotees, strong security has been provisioned around the Pashupatinath Temple Complex area. There are 5,000 officers of Nepal Police, Armed Police and National Investigation Department; operated for security purpose around the temple complex. Also, around 3,000 volunteers have been operated for controlling the mass of devotees. There is also free health clinics positioned at various places in the temple complex area. Also, there is a provision of food and shelter for devotees travelling from long distances, managed by PRDT.

A Sage Smoking Marijuana

Well, MahaShivaratri festival is famous for weed and marijuana. But, the sages and general public are strictly prohibited to involve in any such smoking of weed or marijuana inside the temple complex.

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