Student Politics in Nepal Sajha Sawal

Student Politics in Nepal – Sajha Sawal 291 Episode

Watch the latest 291st episode of Sajha Sawal. In the episode, Narayan Shrestha talks about the recent unsuccessful election of student unions.

Student Politics in Nepal Sajha Sawal

Rising fake student admissions, misuse of funds and frequent clashes among the students unions has lead to question the existence of student unions in Nepal. Watch the Episode below.

Discussing the issue of student politics in Nepal are Himal Sharma (President, All Nepal National Independent Student’s Union), Kamala Panta (Leader, Nepali Congress) and Prof. Suresh Raj Sharma (Founder Vice-Chancellor, Kathmandu University).

Himal Sharma, President, All Nepal National Independent Student's Union

Kamala Panta, Leader, Nepali Congress

Suresh Raj Sharma, Founder Vice-Chancellor, Kathmandu University

What’s your view on student Politics in Nepal?

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