7th International Folk Festival 2014

7th International Folk Festival 2014 Ongoing in Hetauda

The 7th International Folk Festival 2014 is continuing in Hetauda from 26th February to 7th March. The program was inaugurated by RPP-N Chairman Kamal Thapa amidst several participating national and international artists. Before the inaugural program, artists from seven different countries circumambulated the Hetauda Bazar, with intriguing dancing and singing performance. The program is organized by National Folk & Duet Song Academy.

Participant Artists

At the international program, there were more than 150 artists and performers from host Nepal, Bangladesh, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, South Korea and Sri Lanka. In the occasion, various captivating performances including dancing and singing, in pursue of preserving their national folklore cultures, were given the participating artists. The festival is fanatical to encouraging the growth of folk dance, music, song, culture, encouraging international cultural exchange and establishing a viable forum for promising folk artists to exhibit their talent, artistry and inspiration.

Artists Performance

IFF 2014

Participant Artists from Different Countries

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