Shristi Shrestha Model on Saptahik

Shristi Shrestha on Kantipur Saptahik’s Mid Page blow-up

Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha has been featured on mid page blow up in the latest edition of Saptahik, Kantipur’s weekly edition. Here’s the full-page image for you from this week’s Saptahik.

Shristi Shrestha on Kantipur Saptahik Mid page

This isn’t first time Shristi Shrestha was featured on the popular modeling newspaper. She was featured for fist time when she was crowned Miss Nepal 2012.

Shristi Shrestha Model on Saptahik

She was again featured along with the same time in a Mid Page blow-up.

Shristi Shrestha on Saptahik Miss Nepal

You can also view our previous post of Rekha Thapa featured on Saptahik New Year blow-up.

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