Children at Aamaghar

32 Children Rescued from Aamaghar

The Central Children Welfare Committee (CCWC) has rescued 32 children from Aamaghar at Ravi Bhawan in Kathmandu, a child home operated by Dilshova Shrestha. The committee has reported that the children were rescued from Aamaghar with reference to insecurity at the child home. The committee also said that Aamaghar, unregistered since establishment, doesn’t meet minimum physical infrastructure leading to severe insecurity. Aamaghar was established in 1999.

Besides, it has also been reported that the children at Aamaghar are sent to various places for labor works. During supervision, the CCW committee found that children at Aamaghar used to be kept in unhealthy environment, which is against the rules and regulations formulated by CCWC. The committee also said that Aamaghar had been reportedly contradicting about the numbers of children living there. Following above irregularities, CCWC has decided to take necessary actions and charges against Aamaghar.

Dilsova Shrestha

Whilst CCWC has been blaming the institution for irregularity, Coordinator of Aamaghar, Dilshova Shrestha has accepted that she had been directing the children to work at their relatives. She also clarified that the institution is home to 56 children and 29 elderly citizens. Shrestha has also been accused of sexual aggravation over the children. Upon indict of sexual harassment, Kathmandu District Administration Office (DAO) has started an investigation case over Dilshova Shrestha. But, Shrestha told that she is ready for any kind of castigation if her works at Aamaghar are against the law.

Watch the video report below on the rescue of children from Aamaghar by DAO, Kathmandu.


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  1. It is evident from the video you posted that this facility lacks ” physical infrastructure” which undoubtedly leads to insecurity…. Are you FUCKING kidding me? What kind of infrastructure and security are you talking about? Like the one Nepalese street children enjoy in streets of Kathmandu?
    The kids look healthier and happier than many kids living with their parents in rural Nepal. CCWC could not find anything better to do. If they cared for welfare of Nepalese children they could have “rescued” countless street children. Anyways… kudos to them for brining this to attention, I am sure something good will come out of this for all the Philanthropists.

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