Happy 3oth Birthday Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa unveils social work on her 30th birthday

Films, Politics and onto Social Work now, Rekha Thapa is trying to make most of her popular public figure status. One her occasion of 30th birthday, Rekha Thapa has unveiled her current involvement and future plans in social works.

Happy 3oth Birthday Rekha Thapa

Thapa, who wants to take forward social works seriously in her future days, has revealed her involvement in social organization called “TFC” that is based in Kathmandu. “Coincidentally it’s my birthday today but what other day could have been more special to reveal my involvement in such noble works?” questions Rekha Thapa in a formal press-meet she had organized today. Thapa is the president of the organization for past two years that has been helping war affected children. “TFC currently hosts five children’s needs and is based in Gongabu, Kathmandu. The organization is looking for donors to help more such children in the future”, Rekha Thapa said in the press meet.

Apart from her introduction to social works, Rekha Thapa was being more apologetic for her past controversies with journalists. Calling journalists her guiding parents, she was pleading for more support in her future involvements. She was indeed grateful for all the support of journalists to be in current position of stardom.

Watch this video of Rekha Thapa speaking on occasion of her birthday at the press meet from our associate GlamourNepal.


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  1. नायिका रेखा थापाको जन्मदिनको अवसर परेर आफु अबदेखि हिजोभन्दा फरक भूमिका र पाको रुपमा पौनुहुनेछा भन्ने भनाइ सुनेपछि मलाई रेखा थापा जी ले केहि बोलीमा सुधार र एउतै शब्दलाई धेरै पटक दोहोरयाको पाइयो यसमा पनि सुधार गर्नुहोला साथै साच्चिकै ब्यबहारमा फरक र अझ प्रगतिको यात्रामा देख्न पाइयोस यहि शुभकामना तथा प्रगतिको मंगलमय कामना गर्छु

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