Rajesh Hamal on TNM Magazine Cover Page

Rajesh Hamal on Cover of The Nepali Man – TNM Magazine

Superstar of Nepal Rajesh Hamal has been featured on cover page of the Nepali Man (TNM) Magazine, the magazine dubbed to be the first complete Men’s Magazine of Nepal. The Nepali Man (TNM) Magazine was launched few days ago at the Trendsetters 2 Fashion Show in Kathmandu.
Here’s the cover image of the Magazine featuring Superstar Rajesh Hamal.
Rajesh Hamal on TNM Magazine Cover PageAccording to the folks at TNM, they will strive to bring forward a custom tailored magazine especially for the Nepali man. I like the niche they are targeting especially in our country where we have dozens of magazines focusing on women (Models, Actress and all that!).

What do you think of The Nepali Man? Will you be reading the magazine?

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  1. I need to contact the editor of this magazine. There’s a racist joke about the Irish in the back section, which I’m really not comfortable with.

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