Hari Bansha Acharya Cheena Harayako Manchhe Autobiography

Hari Bansha Acharya’s autobiography “Cheena Harayako Manchhe”

Renowned Nepali comedian and actor Hari Bansha Acharya has announced to print his autobiography ‘Cheena Harayako Manchhe’. Acharya has signed a contract with Fine Prints Pvt. Ltd.  for publishing his autobiography during a press met organised on March 21st Thursday. At the press met organised by the Fine Prints, Acharya said – “People who think of me as a huge personality will find out that I am just an ordinary person after reading my autobiography Cheena Harayako Manchhe.” Here’s a photo of Hari Bansha Acharya speaking at the press met.

Hari Bansha Acharya Cheena Harayako Manchhe Autobiography

 Niraj Bhari, Founder/CEO of Fine Prints said that he was really felling proud to have signed a contract to publish Hari Bansha’s autobiography and that it was the most memorable and greatest achievement in his life. According to Hari Bansha, the book will cover all his childhood memories, his personal life timeline and mainly the struggles of his career. “The book is the tribute to my late wife Meera and proceeds from the book will go to a trust of her name,” Hari Bansha who wrote the book to heal the pain of losing her wife Meera Acharya announced at the press met. The book is scheduled to launch on April 20, on the second death anniversary of his late wife Meera Acharya.

Name for the book Cheena Harayako Manchhe comes from the true incident of Acharya’s life who had lost his Cheena (horoscope) from home.

Acharya, one of the most popular celebrities in the Nepali entertainment industry has performed several comedy shows with his partner Madan Krishna Shrestha. The duo most popularly known as “Maha- Jodi” is also covered in the book.

Acharya’s book ‘Cheena Harayako Manchhe‘ will definitely be on the best-selling lists soon after it gets published. Will you be reading it?

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