Gagan Thapa Nepali Congress Leader CA

Gagan Thapa leads Kathmandu constituency 4 with high margin!

The ballot counting has started to pour in interesting results from different constituencies in the country. Kathmandu constituency-4 is of particular interest to many as popular Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa is competing against Nanda Kishor Pun of UCPN (Maoist).

As of Results now, Gagan Thapa has garnered 1106 votes to Nirmal Kuikel of UML with 283 votes and Nanda Kisore Pun with 206 votes till now.

Latest Updated Result:
NC Gagan Thapa– 1939
UML Nirmal Kuikel– 561
CPN Maoist Nanda kishore Pun– 494

(Please refresh this page for latest updated result.)

Watch Gagan Thapa’s election campaign speech from few days ago in the video below.

Nepal’s Election Commission reported an overwhelming and historic turnout of 70 percent voters in second Constituent Assembly election held yesterday. You can watch the live reports of Nepal Vote counts here.

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