Earthquake in Nepal 28th June

Moderate Earthquake of Magnitude 5.0 Felt in Nepal (28th June 2013)

An earthquake of magnitude 4.8 5.0 has been reported in Nepal at local time (17:25:51) today. The moderate Earthquake of Magnitude 5.0 was felt in several parts of Nepal including Kathmandu. The epicenter is reported to be around Salyan. More details are yet to be reported.

Real Time Map of the Earthquake.

Reported Location: 38 miles (62 km) SSE of Jumla, Nepal; 63 miles (102 km) NE of Nepalganj, Nepal; 107 miles (173 km) WNW of Pokhara, Nepal; 197 miles (318 km) WNW of KATHMANDU, Nepal Source: U.S. Geological Survey

Real Time Map of Earthquake Nepal

Earthquake in Nepal 28th June

Here are some of the tweets from people who felt the earthquake.

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