15th Street Festival ongoing in Pokhara

As we have come towards the start of a New Year, a street festival has been ongoing in one of the most beautiful cities of Nepal, Pokhara, to celebrate and welcome everyone to the tourist’s destination. The festival that marks the 15th Street festival began two days with a formal inauguration by finance minister, Shankar Koirala. Organised by the Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal (REBAN) the festival will be featuring various folk Songs and live concert programs along with several restaurants on the street.

Pokhara Street Festival Nepal

On the inaugural occasion of the festival, minister Shankar Koirala appreciated the effort and absolution of people of Pokhara towards tourism development. The speakers at the inaugural program asked minister Koirala to declare Pokhara as tourism capital of Nepal. Minister Koirala, speaking about the necessity of a regional international airport in Pokhara City, said that the government had already asked Chinese government for assistance in building the airport.

The street festival is the most whimsical festival of the tourism city, pokhara, where the visitors can enjoy at more than 200 restaurants spread on 3 km street from Hallanechowk to Basundhara Park. The festival is introduced with several food fests and musical performances, with a welcoming theme, “Eat, Dance and Enjoy on the Street”. There will be entertaining events in the festival performing boat race, hotel and restaurant waiter race and tourist race. In the festival, visitors can also enjoy life-experiencing adventure sports including paragliding, zip flyers and ultra-light flights.

Pokhara city is one of the most popular tourism destinations among domestic and foreign visitors in Nepal. The street festival is organized targeting foreign tourists, who generally return back home during Christmas and New Year.

During the festival, the hotels and restaurants offer special discounts on accommodation, encouraging the visitors to extend their stay. The festivals also largely attracts bountiful of domestic visitors. Almost all of the 500 hotels in Pokhara have been already booked for the festival.

The festival will last for five days in total.

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