2nd Lumbini Street Food Festival Starting From Tuesday

In the propitious occasion of New Year, Lumbini Hotel and Restaurant Association and Siddhartha Hotel Association has jointly organized the 2nd Street Food Festival in Lumbini, starting from Tuesday. The fiesta was organized for the first time last year. With greeting theme, “Let’s Go, Eat and Enjoy in Lumbini”, the festival will continue for two days.

The festival is sponsored by Siddharthanagar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There will be 50 to 60 stalls presenting variety of food at the festival. The festival has been organized to increase domestic and foreign tourism in the region. The hotels and restaurants at the festival will be offering a special discount of 20-40% in food and accommodation facilities.

The visitors can have variety of connoisseur of Nepali food, Asian cooking, European and American dishes and cuisines of various cultures. The street festival will also be featuring musical and cultural events along with special traditional folk spectacles from Tharu community.

All the stalls in the festivals are free of cost, and it is expected that 10,000 people will visit the festival. The festival is organized with non-profit motive to publicize the illustrious identity of Lumbini. The transportation to the festival has been jointly managed by Siddharthanagar Transportation Entrepreneurs’ Committee and Western Nepal Bus Entrepreneurs’ Association.

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