A Report Reveals Madan Bhandari Assassination Mystery!

The Madan Bhandari Assassination Case was one of the most unfortunate happenings in the history of communalist politics of Nepal. Madan Bhandari is remembered as a people’s leader of Nepal and as an influential speaker in South Asia. It was the ill-fated day on 16th of March in 1993, when leader Bhandari died in a car accident at Dasdhunga in Chitwan. In the car accident, central committee member of CPN-UML, Jiba Raj Ashrit, also died. But, car driver Amar Lama survived the accident. Leader Bhandari was the General Secretary of CPN-UML then. Immediately after the incident, an investigation was led by Police Inspector Kiran Kunwar. When he was about to discover the conceivable murder conspiracy, Kunwar quit the investigation after personal threats. Seemingly an accident, the Madan Bhandari Assassination Case was a political treachery.

About a week ago, an internal detective agency at Naxal named ‘Mission Fire’ under International Crime Research Center (ICRC) publicized a report speaking about the murder conspiracy of leader Bhandari. The Mission Fire report has revealed that Indian external intelligence agency, RAW and US intelligence agency, CIA were jointly involved in the machination. Station Head of the internal agency at Naxal, Sameer Mukhiya, said that a joint operation unit of CIA and RAW was behind the Madan Bhandari Assassination Case. It is indicated in the report that Indian and American governments were afraid of leader Bhandari not only as an influential communist leader in South Asia, but also he could be an obstacle to isolation of China. In the latter period, Bhandari and the then King Birendra were coming together in the issue of national sovereignty, which was being a headache to Indian and American governments.

Madan Bhandari portrait

The assassination case became more mysterious after the only survivor of the accident, driver Amar Lama, was shot dead in Kirtipur by Maoists during the insurgency. It is believed that Lama was a part of the conspiracy, and as planned he entered the United People’s Front Nepal of Maoists, two years before the start of Maoist rebellion. The ICRC report has discovered that Lama was engaged through Prachanda, Chairman of UCPN (M) now, to spy upon leader Bhandari. It is also said that Lama was blackmailing Maoists as he didn’t get any position as promised during the insurgency. From this bearing, it seems that Lama was killed by Maoists, since he was threatening them to speak out about the assassination case.

Madan Bhandari with International Delegates

Until the killing of Amar Lama, it was in rumors that the members of CPN-UML themselves were involved in the murder conspiracy. But, with the reveal of the fact that CIA and RAW were behind the plot, it is unimaginable that how treacherous can a political conspiracy be. Madan Bhandari was a popular communist leader among the Nepali people, who is the architect of People’s Multiparty Democracy in the political school of Nepal. Leader Bhandari had a beautiful vision for critical regional development of Nepal in the context of global politics.

You can listen to the heartrending song dedicated to People’s Leader Madan Bhandari by J B Kiranti.

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  1. Amar lama = Eye witness
    Madan bhandari and Jeev raj ashrit= victim
    Girija Prasad koirala= Prime Minister
    Kiran Kunwar= Investigation Incharge

    Chitwan District Court gave life time imprisonment, but Supreme Court go against it and only give 5 yrs imprisonment to Amar lama who was assumed to involve in Madan Bhandari and Jeev raj murder. And he was also murder after 10 years in kritipur.

    Look all draft

    GIRIJA PRASAD KOIRALA have a deal with RAW/CIA who forced AMAR LAMA to kill MADAN BHANDARI and JEEV RAJ ASHRIT. Then after GIRIJA BABU forced KIRAN KUWAR to leave the case, who was Incharge of that case. After that CHITWAN DISTRICT COURT Dicided to give AMAR LAMA a life time imprisonment because of his guilt. But the planner knew that if he don’t die soon then he will say every thing. Then after that SUPREM court changed the dicision of CHITWAN DISTRICT COURT and give him only the imprisonment of 5 years(at that time GIRIJA BABU was PM).Then after 5 years of AMAR LAMA released UPN/CPN killed AMAR LAMA who have a deal with RAW and the mediator was GIRIJA BABU. And they also made a plane to kill KING BIRENDRA making KING GYANENDRA as mediator before the murder of AMAR LAMA. That was in 2001(AMAR LAMA WAS KILLED in 2003).

    Our politics is linked with INDIA. Every great leader were killed with the help of India and reason behind that is our corrupt politicians.

    Jay Nepal


  2. IF you can find the murderer of amar lama Then you can find the final leader of dashdunga murderer ..

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