Megha Movie Set to Release on Valentine’s Day

The most awaited film of the season, Megha, is finally set to release on 14th February. At a press release organized on Monday, the production team stated that the romance and love story movie will catch the cinemas on Valentine’s Day. The Sabasta Entertainment film is directed by Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar. The movie stars Namrata Shrestha and Raymon Das Shrestha in lead roles along with Siddhartha Koirala and Vintuna Joshi.

The storyline of the movie is based upon a picture of modern way of life in hectic cities and its implications on conjugal life. In the movie, Megha is female feature character who is an architect. She is married to Ishan, but due to professional tiredness, is in relationship with Gaurav. And, rest of the movie goes noticing the complications and difficulties in personal life of the characters.

Beside the romanticism, the movie is also enticing with re-recorded melodies of Late Gopal Yonjan, a legendary property of Nepali Music Industry. The movie, having Late Yonjan as musician, is his 14th film containing seven ‘all-time hits’ from Yonjan.

Megha is director Rauniyar’s first feature film, in which she has tried to depict the difficulties of women living with modern lifestyle. Director Rauniyar also has splendid experience working in several films including ‘Siudo Ko Sindoor’, ‘Mana Mandir’, ‘Mama Ghar’, ‘Veer Ganeshman’ and many more. Executive Producer Bikash Rauniyar said that the whole film unit and actors will be enthusiastically involving in the promotion of the movie, to make it a success.

One of the songs from Megha Nepali Movie.

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