Rekha Thapa in the US Interview

Rekha Thapa labels Nepalis Living in US as Homeless

In an interview to a filmy program, Rekha Thapa has labeled some Nepalis Living in the US as homeless and not worthy to deserve huge admiration. She has been highly criticized for her such comments lately. Watch the video of Rekha Thapa explaining what she saw and her views on Nepalis living in the US.

Rekha Thapa returned back to Nepal after her month long trip to the US. She had participated in cultural programs and her own Nepali Movie Lanka Screenings in the US.

Rekha Thapa in the US Interview

What do you say about Rekha Thapa’s view?

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  1. The title itself is very misleading as she only comments that she met some nepali homeless people. In order to prove herself right, she needs to post the video of the homeless nepali as it is an insult to all the people living in the US and working there and she should also acknowledge the fact that remittance from foreign countries is one of the factors thats boosting the Nepal economy currently before commenting and in a country like US its unlikely for anyone to be homeless unless the person is depressed and not working, and its not like there are no homeless people in Nepal.

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