University Grants Commission UGC

Four TU & KU Professors Blacklisted by University Grants Commission

Four professors from the Tribhuvan University (TU) and the Kathmandu University (KU) are blacklisted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) on grounds of plagiarism.

University Grants Commission UGC

UGC has been funding for various research works from proficient professors of different universities. And several top universities like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge University and many more, are of course recognized for innovative research projects from their students and professors.

But, it is of quite shame that the University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently blacklisted four professors from the Tribhuvan University (TU) and the Kathmandu University (KU) for their plagiarized research papers leading them to disqualification.

The evaluation committee of UGC led by Prof. Krishna Bahadur Manandhar, who is also the former secretary of National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), found three PhD professors at the Central Department of Chemistry, Tribhuvan University, namely Dev Bahadur Khadka, Kedar Nath Ghimire and Megh Raj Pokhrel to had lifted their previous works on a submission to UGC as a joint research paper on ‘Chemical Modification of Natural Polymers and Their Application in Waste/Drinking Water’, which they already presented to NAST a few years ago. And the fourth, Prof. Dhanpati Subedi at the School of Education, Kathmandu University, was disqualified for completely reusing his own MPhil thesis on his research paper entitled titled ‘Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Higher Education’; where he only managed to change cover page and foreword.

The submissions from the professors were plagiarized which outlawed academic standards and professional morality in order to receive the grant of Rs. 1 million, out of which they already got half the UGC grant. The accused professors have been summonsed with academic fraudulence and with their failure in clarifying their intentions; they have also been debarred from partaking in future research works.

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