Sushma Karki Dance Bindaas 2 Movie

Sushma Karki Item Dance in Movie Bindaas 2

Although the movie Bindaas-2 didn’t do well, the songs were comparatively popular. Sushma karki‘s item dance song – Chhopiyena Mero was received well by Nepali audiences. Here’s the item dance song by Durga Kharel from the movie Bindaas 2.

More Details on the song and the movie;

Singer: Durga Kharel
Lyrics: Homnath Gurung
Choreographer: Shiva B.K.
Cinematographer: Rajendra Sapkota
Editor: Arjun G.C.
Producer: Madhu Kumar Shrestha
Director: Raju Giri
Post Production: Universal Color Grading Studio

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