RAPOHOLIC vs A.C.E Rap Battle

Rapoholic vs A.C.E – Nepali Rap Battle in Nephop Night

In an effort to make most of the recent Nephop night in London, the organizers included Nepali Rap Battle among aspiring Nephop artists around the UK. The Nephop night mainly featured popular artist Manas Ghale from NEPSDYAZ band for his UK tour.

RAPOHOLIC vs A.C.E Rap Battle

Watch the video of Nepali rap battle – Rapoholic vs A.C.E from the Nephop night at Electric Brixton in London.

Organised by Bthirdteen Crew, hundreds of Nepalis joined the concert. Apart from Manas Ghaley [Nepsydaz], other performers for the night included Mastermind, D-Boi Killah, Rapholic, Billiion Dee Baby, Pabzee Phame and Anup Gurung.

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