Namrata Shrestha attending Shiksha Nepal event

Namrata Shrestha with Shiksha Nepal Projects

Namrata Shrestha, being the ambassador of “Shiksha Nepal” is often seen in events and promotional campaigns of the organisation. She is currently contributing to the “Euta Kitab” Literacy Campaign 2015 of the non-profit organisation that envisions education in every child of Nepal.

Namrata Shrestha attending Shiksha Nepal event

From participating in the organisation campaigns to donating thousands of books herself, Namrata Shrestha is actively involved in the campaign. The “Euta Kitab Literacy Campaign 2015” aims to impact in the lives of 100,000 children in Nepal by 2015.

Namrata Shrestha and Karma on Shiksha Nepal News

Previously the actor had gifted 2,000 children’s books to support “Euta Kitab Literacy Campaign 2015” in an occasion of anniversary day of Shiksha Nepal.

Namrata Shrestha and Karma ambassador of Shiksha Nepal

Watch this video below for more info on the Euta Kitab Literacy Campaign 2015.

If you too want to contribute to the non-profit organisation, you can reach them on their Facebook page here or contact them via email.

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