Sajha Sawal 28th July 2013

Impunity on Violence Against Women – Sajha Sawal 28th July

Voice for cases of violence against women are once again in rise following the recent Belbari incident of a dalit girl who was mob assaulted and humiliated in public. The latest 298th Sajha Sawal episode as of 28th july 2013 discusses on the issue of impunity on growing cases of violence against women. Watch the full episode as shown on Kantipur TV below.

Discussing the issue with presenter Narayan Shrestha are Renu Rajbhandari (Chairperson at National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders) and Nepal Police spokesman Nawaraj Silwal.

Sajha Sawal 28th July 2013

Belbari Incident:

Last Tuesday in Belbari VDC-3 of Morang, Maya Sarki and Manoj Bishwakarma, from Dalit groups within the community were assaulted in the community crowd by soot smearing on their faces and putting on shoe garlands around their necks. They were accused of insulting Jeevan Bhetwal, who had reportedly made sexual advances on 23-year-old Maya on Saturday evening. Police has already arrested several suspects in the incident and the legal process has been on going.

What’s your view on cases such as the Belbari one?

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