Police at incident site after robbery Nabil Bank

More than 23 Million Robbed of Nabil Bank in Kailali

A group of three unidentified masked men robbed a total of 23,161,000 Nepali Rupees (Rs. 23.1m) in cash at Malakheli of Kailali district on Tuesday.

Police at incident site after robbery Nabil Bank

The cash was being taken to the Nepal Rastra Bank from Nabil Bank in a Jeep.The cash was robbed while the money was being taken in a jeep from Kanchanpur to Kailali at around 11:30 in the morning.

The gang members were said to be dressed in police uniforms who stopped the Jeep, Ma 1 Cha 146, near to the Godawari Bridge that borders to Kailali and Kanchanpur, and robbed the total sum.

However, SI Gopal Karki of Malakheti Area Police Office claims that the report of loot came late at around 1:30 PM and it is still unclear about what weapons were used during the loot.

The police suspects driver Dil Bahadur Chand, security guard Ganga Dutta, auditor Shukra Ram Bhattarai and official Satya Man Tamang to be involved in the case as they were present during the incident occurred.

Jeep Carrying Money

The police have seized the vehicle that the bank used in carrying the cash and mobile sets of people present during the incident. The police also has started a man-hunt operation to find the robbers.

Images via Shivraj Bhatt

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