Uma Nepali Movie in theatres Review

Uma Nepali Movie in Theatres, Garnering Good Reviews

Uma Nepali Movie that released in theatres all over Nepal yesterday (May 24/Jestha 10) is already garnering good reviews from the audience.

Uma Nepali Movie in theatres Review

Himalayan times praising the acting skills and new story of the movie writes,

“Many stories of war and conflicts have been told before, and Uma is one of the best stories told so far.”

“Uma is a must-watch for those interested in Nepali Movies”

writes Nepali BBC presenter Rabindra Mishra in his facebook status.

A review on FillmyKhabar calls UMA as a completely satisfying movie with a story of Nepali Civil war.

Here’s the plot outline of the movie.

Uma, a college student, is opinionated. The older brother Milan wishes only to look after his family and remain an honest, dutiful policemen. The ailing mother is a catalyst between two headstrong children. Uma’s values find reason while attending poetry sessions conducted by Sunil, a teacher who advocates social change. His prodigy Anil, drops his education in India to return to Nepal and join Sunil.

Their lives reach a turning point when Sunil is arrested on suspicion of being a Maoist. He is later killed in a fake encounter. His death sends a shockwave among Uma and her friends. In an act of rebellion Anil plans an assassination, which results in more dead bodies. Witnessing violence on both sides Uma flees and lands up at a nearby Maoist camp. Soon her family becomes a fading memory. While Uma remains confused and broken, a helpless mother pines for her daughter and Milan feels betrayed.

The winds of change gradually whip up a storm gripping the family in eternal conflict.

This is a story, like many others, where families remain divided, torn between idealogies and beliefs.

Uma is a Nepali Movie by Tsering Rhitar Sherpa starring popular actors such as Richa Sharma, Saugat Malla, Mithila Sharma, Prawin Khatiwada, Dayahang Rai and Pramod Agrahari among others. For more on the movie and its official trailer/posters, please visit Official Trailer and Posters of Nepali Movie UMA.

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