Love Forever Nepali Movie Poster

Sumina Ghimire’s hot dance in Movie Love Forever

I hope you had seen Sumina Ghimire’s Sexy dance in Hongkong in one of our previous posts here at Nepall.FM. Now in the same dress, the actress has shown her hot dancing skills in a song in her upcoming movie. She will be seen in more glamorous scenes in her upcoming movie Love Forever. Watch this song “liu Maaza” from the movie below.

Love Forever is an upcoming movie starring Sumina Ghimire along with actors Gajit Bista and Niraj Baral. The movie made under Divyashakti Creation banner is scheduled to release on Ashad 14.

Love Forever Nepali Movie Poster

Although the movie makers claim that the movie is suitable for all ages, the trailer of the movie and the sex-based subject has clearly given some signs on what certificate the movie might receive from the censor board.

And as for Sumina Ghimire, she is already popular with her glamorous role in her previous movie 9’o clock. It seems Love Forever will aid more to her glamorous portrayal as the movie is based on story of sex affairs. Her dialogues in the movie such as “I love sex” (which can be heard in the trailer) clearly indicate what to expect from the movie.

What are your expectations from Love Forever?

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