Sipora Gurung – Dishanirdesh Interview April 11th 2013


Watch this inspiring interview of Sipora Gurung on Dishanirdesh Show of Kantipur Television. Vijay Kumar Pandey discuss Sipora Gurung’s life, success and struggles in an almost hour long talk show. Watch the interview below.

Sipora Gurung is a popular Volleyball Player and she was recently seen as a participant in Miss Nepal 2013.

Also watch her Perform at Sports Award 2012

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  1. With due respect to Mr.Bijay Kumar, Sipora Gurung looked way mature and poised than the veteran journalist! It seemed like he was trying too hard to pinch her weak spots …there were other ways to get the same stories out!

  2. With due respect to Mr.Bijay Kumar, Sipora looks way mature, poised than seems it’s his strategy to deliberately probe on her weak spots by constantly reminding her and pausing in between…there were other ways to get the story out!

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