Rekha Thapa in New Avatar on June Issue Wave Magazine

Rekha Thapa is seen in an entirely new avatar in June issue of Wave magazine that will be on stands from tomorrow. In an Odhani design, Rekha Thapa has been completely transformed to cover the front-page of the magazine. Here’s the cover image for you.

Rekha Thapa New Image Wave Magazine Cover

The magazine also includes interview of Rekha Thapa, which according to Malvika subba, editor the Wave magazine, is a heart-warming interview of the actress that reveals a different side of the actress. In the editor’s note for the cover on facebook, Malvika Subba writes,

[quote style=”4″ author=”Malvika Subba”] Rekha Thapa is a SUPERSTAR, there is no doubt. She is adored by the masses and is always in the headlines in media. She is in competition with the men, not even the woman, which sets her apart. Just one phone call and she agreed to be on the cover. Now we know that many of you want something different other than fashion and movies, but we could not let this opportunity slide away. We have never seen her on any magazine covers beside filmy ones. We then sat down with various designers like Tenzin Tseten Bhutia, Subexya Bhadel, Rasna Shrestha for Aira, Bina Ghale, Odhani, who agreed to change her look on just one request. You guys are our superstars too. The idea was to do an extreme makeover on Rekha like never before. Sayal Shrestha and I sat down for various concepts which we later discussed with Make up artist Sakil Kunwar. [/quote]

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In another inner-page image from the magazine, Rekha Thapa is seen n Gabi’s tuxedo detailed lycra shorts and coat styled peplum top.

Rekha Thapa Hot Wave Magazine


Rekha Thapa Black on Wave Magazine

Rekha Thapa Wave Magazine latest

Undoubtedly, as Malvika Subba puts it – Rekha Thapa is the Super Star of Nepal. She may not be the actor of movies that we term as “new-generation-movies”, but with her growing fan-base for movies and works, she has proved to be one of the most successful actresses of our times.

Will you be reading her wave magazine interview?

Did you know Rekha Thapa recently join the UCPN (Maoist) party?

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