Reema Bishwokarma Item Song Dance

Reema Bishwokarma as an item Girl for Rahadani Nepali Movie

Actress Reema Bishwokarma has performed in an item song of upcoming Nepali Movie Rahadani. The item dance that was previously assigned to actress Diya Maskey was finally performed by Reema Bishwokarma.

Diya Maskey, according to the reports couldn’t do the item song because of her another rehearsal for a foreign play on the same day. Rahadani is an upcoming movie directed by journalist and film-maker Dabbu Chhetri. Reema Bishwokarma who is also one of the media persons couldn’t let down the request of Dabbu Chhetri. This is the first item song performance of Reema Bishwokarma.

Here are few images of Reema Bishwokarma performing in the item song.

Reema Bishwokarma in Rahadani Nepali Movie

Reema Bishwokarma Item Song Dance

Reema Bishwokarma Nepali Movie Item Song Dance

The item-song is written by Dabbu Chhetri himself. Music for the song is from Chetan Sapkota and is sung by Durga Kharel.

Will you wait to watch this Reema Bishwokarma starring item dance?

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