Paras Shah Health Condition Hospital

Paras Shah discharged from Samitivej Hospital in Thailand

Finally after 38 days of staying in the hospital and a dramatic improvement in his health condition, Paras Shah has been discharged from the hospital in thailand. He was admitted to the Samitivej Hospital in Thailand following a major heart attack.

According to Paras Shah’s friend Sunil Khadka, also the secretary of Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), the doctors have advised him not to travel during his medication. “The doctors will be deciding when the conditions are fully stable and can take up to two months”, the source said.

Paras Shah Health Condition Hospital

The above photo was released on facebook a week ago where he is seen in good health condition.

Paras Shah was arrested by the Thai police towards the end of last year after being found on possession of an illegal drug. He was released after a day Thai national deposited 10,000 baht (Thai currency) as bail. The source added that his passport seized during the arrest then has been returned back to him now.

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