Nikhil Upreti in Hindi Movie Bollywood Commitment

Nikhil Upreti as Director / Actor in Hindi Movie Commitment

Nikhil Upreti, popular Nepali actor who had been living in Mumbai for past few years has finally got a chance to get into Bollywood Cinema. It’s been reported that the actor will be directing an Action-Love-Story Hindi movie called Commitment.

Nikhil Upreti in Hindi Movie Bollywood Commitment

Nikhil Upreti himself will be acting in the lead role for the movie. Along with Upreti, Rajendranath Zutshi, Aryan Vaid, Yashpal sharma, Sanjay Mishra among others will be seen in the Commitment – Hindi Movie. The actress for the movie has yet to be decided.

The movie shooting will commence from Birgunj in Nepal on 2nd of July and will be shot in several locations including Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dubai and Mumbai.

Nikhil Upreti has reportedly said that he has been involved in movies direction training for past two years and that his movie will include the story from Kathmandu to Mumbai. The story of the movie is from the actor itself. The movie has been allocated funds of 1 Crore and will be released by Reliance Entertainment.

Nikhil Upreti has been one of the most sought after actors in Nepali Movies industry. He has been living in Mumbai after his second marriage with actress Sanchita Luitel.

All the best to Nikhil Upreti with his Commitment!

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