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Nepali Scientist Gets an Aircraft Patent from US Department of Commerce

A Nepali scientist, Ruchit Kumar Regmi, has been decided to be awarded with a patent for invention of ‘Pilotless Aircraft for Commercial and Military Use’ by US Department of Commerce. The decision was taken by Patent and Trademark Office under US Department of Commerce on 3rd February to award the patent title to Regmi. In the notice paper issued to Regmi, he has been given a deadline of three months to receive the certificate of patent right. After reviewing the invention of Regmi, the Patent and Trademark Office has stated on the paper to Regmi that the patent right for the invention title ‘pilotless aircraft for commercial and military use’ can’t be claimed by none other than Regmi. The US patent is considered as one of the most prized patent rights in the world.

For the patent right, Regmi has to confirm the patent within three months with issue of $ 15000 as patent right fee. After the confirmation, Regmi will get the patent right over the invention title for next 20 years. With the declaration of patent right to be issued to Regmi, he said, “I have to pay a patent fee of $ 15000 to get the patent right for my invention, and for now I’m unable to manage such a big amount within three months. I expect financial aid from the government.” Three years ago, in order to claim the patent right, Regmi appeared on and qualified the two examinations taken by US Patent and Trademark Office. In June 2011, as the news about Regmi’s qualification was published in media, the then cabinet of Government of Nepal furnished an assistance of Rs. 2 m to Regmi for the examination fees. Regmi said, “Once again, I seek assistance from the government.”

Boeing File Photo

For his new invention, Regmi did apply at the US Patent and Trademark Office, 10 years ago. But, he couldn’t proceed further due to several difficulties. Regmi hasn’t got the patent certificate yet, and US government has already made him its business partner. And other four renowned companies including US aircraft companies Boeing and Raytheon, European Aircraft Company Airbus, and Microsoft Corporation have been approaching Regmi for partnership. The notice about the patent right to be awarded to Regmi has been published in the Official Gazette of US Patent and Trademark Office.

You can view the full text application and image database of the patent by Regmi here.

Regmi, 43 is a permanent resident of Biratnagar – 5, Bagargachhi, Morang, currently residing at Chabahil in Kathmandu. He did Three Years Diploma in Electronics Engineering at Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering (TUIOE), Pulchowk Campus and has a one-year Postgraduate Diploma in IT from Sikkim Manipal University. He was a senior Avionics Engineer at Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) from 1993 to 2005. Before, he also served for a year at Department of Radio Engineering under Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

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