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Nepali Movie Aadhi Bato Shootings in the UK

It’s now been a rising trend to include foreign locations in Nepali Movies. While most foreign locations seen in Nepali Movies include India, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia etc., few of the moviemakers are now looking to incorporate scenes from the UK, US and some parts of Europe. One of the latest movies in production, Aadhi Bato has shot some 10 percentage of its movie scenes in the UK. The luxembourg based NRN Producer of the movie, Ramesh Tyawana was in the UK along with few actors from the movie to complete shooting of the movie.

Movie Shooting Team of Aadhi Bato in UK

Although the overall Aadhi Bato movie is directed by Shabir Shrestha, the UK filming and direction of the movie was in hands of Kushal Shrestha. The UK Shootings however were also in the supervision and co-ordination of Shabir Shrestha.

One of the rising cinematographers, Kushal Shrestha managed to include several cinematic locations around the UK including the iconic Tower Bridge of London, Blackpool and Brighton Pier.

Actress Jenisha KC who had travelled from Nepal was the main attraction of the story and one of the songs that was shot here in the UK. Krishna Tulachan and Dinesh Karki, both staying in the UK acted in other roles for the movie. Here are some images from the movie shooting in the UK.

Jenisha KC in Nepali Movie Aadhi Bato

See Jenisha KC – Aadhi Bato Movie Shooting (Images Gallery) Here.

Other parts of the movie are shot in various locations including Kathmandu and Kalinchowk in Nepal. The movie stars Sabin Shrestha, Anu Shah, Yesh Kumar, Jenisha KC, Ruby Rana, and Dhiren Shakya in main roles.

Will shooting in foreign locations and increasing the movie-budgets help Nepali Movies market, especially when the market is certainly not towards the positive side?

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