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Nepal Stands 77th in World Military Strength Ranking

According to a recent study monitored by an international organization, Global Fire Power (GFP), Nepal stands 77th in 2014 World Military Strength Ranking. GFP is an online based research database exclusively concentrated on analysis of world military power. In its official website, GFP has ranked 106 countries based on their military strength. The GFP military strength studies are resolutely based on each nation’s prospective traditional war-skills and competences across land, sea and air.

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For 2014 World Military Strength Ranking, the GFP study has taken in an account of 50 different factors of military power. The key factors include manpower, land systems, air power, naval power, resources, logistics, finance, geography, and physical infrastructures. Out of all, military manpower is the central factor for ranking. Beside above factors, nuclear capability is not taken into account.

Here is the power index value of Nepal Military Strength.

NA Hawker Siddeley HS 748 Transport Aircraft
  NA Hawker Siddeley HS 748 Transport Aircraft  


NA Ferret Armored Cars
NA Ferret Armored Cars

Also, GFP has ranked top 10 nations with influential military strength as ‘super power’. On the super power ranking, US comes atop Russia followed by China. Similarly, the super power countries descending from fourth to tenth ranking are: India, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, South Korea and Japan.

Previously, in the GFP 2013 World Military Strength Ranking, Nepal was on 64th position among 68 different nations. Whilst Nepal has climbed up in the world military ranking, the GFP study has put forward that Nepal lags behind in competence with other nations, particularly in military physical infrastructure strength.

You can view the full ranked list of 106 countries in the GFP 2014 World Military Strength Ranking.

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