Manas Ghale UK Tour NepHop Night in London (Photos)

Popular NepHop Star Manas Ghale from Nepsydaz performed at the Electric Brixton in London last Friday (16th of August). The event that was dubbed as NepHop night was part of Manas Ghale’s UK tour. The NepHop star has already performed in several countries including Hong Kong, Australia and India. The UK gig was a huge success with huge audience and several other Nepali NepHop artists (based in the UK) joining for performances.

Manas Ghale NEPSDYAZ UK tour 62
The NepHop night also involved Nepali Rap Battle among aspiring Nephop artists around the UK. Watch the popular Rapoholic vs A.C.E – Nepali Rap Battle in the Nephop Night here.

Here’s the images gallery from the event – Manas Ghale UK Tour NepHop Night.

Here’s the promo for the event.

Images with permission from Hawachex Entertainment. 

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