Malvika Subba helping Baby Life Home

Malvika Subba celebrates her birthday at HIV Safalta Siksha Sadan

Malvika Subba has celebrated her birthday by visiting children at HIV Safalta Siksha Sadan, a center for HIV positive children in Kathmandu. She also donated a sum of NRS 1 Lakh to Baby Life Home after spending some time and sharing her birthday cake among the kids.

Malvika Subba helping Baby Life Home

She later shared an emotional message on Facebook saying,

I cried so much today after meeting the kids of Safalta HIV Siksha Sadan. All of these kids are HIV infected. Because of poor decision making of specially their fathers, these kids were rendered homeless after their parent’s demise. Some were left by their mothers. These kids now have a safe home at Baby Life Home, and study at Safalta HIV Sikshya Sadan. I donated my hard earned money for the present of these kids. You can do your bit and help them lead every day of their lives, HAPPILY. Love you all for the sweet wishes.

Malvika Subba at HIV Safalta Siksha Sadan

Safalta HIV Siksha Sadan is first of its kind school in Kathmandu for HIV positive children that has also been recognised the school as a non-formal alternative educational institution by the District Education Office.

Rather spending lavishly on birthday celebrations, social activist Malvika Subba has presented her noble efforts by doing her bit for the needy children.

Malvika Subba 2 Years old

Later in the evening, Malvika Subba celebrated her birthday with some friends from her film fraternity and other fields. Among others, Rekha Thapa and Priyanka Karki were spotted on some her birthday celebration images.

Happy Birthday Malvika! Continue inspiring the generation!!

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