Kina Kina Nepali Movie Trailer

Arunima Lama Sexy in Nepali Movie Kina Kina

Here’s the trailer of upcoming Nepali Movie Kina Kina. The Movie directed by Ukesh Dahal stars Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Raj Timilsina, Shasi Khadka, Arunima Lama and Subhash Thapa among others. Watch the promo trailer below.

Produced by B Banjara, the movie is edited by Tara Thapa ‘Kimvhey’. Ukeh Dahala himself has written the story for the movie.

Kina Kina Nepali Movie Official Poster NepalFM

Kina Kina is already getting hype as one more movies trying to sell sex. Sexy photos of Arunima Lama released from the movie and its trailer clearly show that the movie based on similar sex selling concepts. Here are few other images from the movie.

Arunima Lama Sexy in Nepali Movie Kina Kina

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