Migg33 Namaste Nepal

How to use Mig33 in Nepali?

The growing user base of Mig33 in Nepal has helped the Singapore based company to target and personalize the social experience of Nepalis on the platform effectively. The popular social entertainment platform company has introduced several ways to profoundly promote itself among the users in Nepal. The company in recent years has sponsoring several events in Nepal to attract those eyeballs to their platform.

Migg33 Namaste Nepal

And unlike other popular social platforms, Mig33 has made it plain and easy to use to use their platform in Nepali language. So if you are one of the Mig33 users and haven’t tried using the platform in Nepali here are easy step instructions for you.

Steps to use Mig33 in Nepali

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1. Go to Menu > Settings > Language
2. Select Nepalese
3. Restart your mig33 client

All application menus in this version will be in Nepali.

View the image below for instructions in Nepali.

Migg33 in Nepali

By localizing the platform, Mig33 believes it is bringing their platform closer to you. Do you use Mig33? Leave your comments below.

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