Hostel Nepali Movie Cinemas Houseful

Hostel Nepali Movie in Theatres, Houseful openings!!

After long time, a Nepali Movie has been reported of revealing some hope in the industry’s business with houseful openings in cinemas of Kathmandu and elsewhere in the country. Hostel Nepali Movie that released in theatres all over Nepal today is predicted to do well after seeing the moviegoer’s crowd for its first day screenings.

Hostel Nepali Movie Released Nepal

Hostel Nepali movie had houseful shows in QFX cinemas of Kathmandu thus urging the cinemas to add more shows than the scheduled ones for the movie. Some online news agencies have reported that the moviegoer’s crowd was unmanageable at cinemas such as GopiKrishna Hall. The cinemas reportedly had to include more screenings and allocate bigger screens for Hostel Shows.

Hostel is also reported of doing a good business in other parts of the country including Pokhara and Narayangarh.

This is indeed cheerful news to the industry that was loosing faith on the business aspect of the Nepali Movies.

Watch the trailer of the Hostel Nepali Movie below.

Here’s one of the songs from the movie.

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