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Home Ministry Row Puts Government Coalition at Crisis

It has only been few days since the country has new PM, but the government coalition between major parties Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN-UML is at crisis already following a Home Ministry dispute. The CPN-UML members has been claiming that they were verbally assured by NC leader Ram Sharan Mahat and Deep Kumar Upadhyaya that home ministry will be given to CPN-UML. But, PM Sushil Koirala has denied that no such agreement was done between NC and CPN-UML. As the dispute arose since the appointment day, PM Koirala had to take oath alone with non-departmental minister Ram Sharan Mahat yesterday.

While other supporting parties has suggested CPN-UML not to dispute and join the NC led government, the former has been signaling PM Koirala to withdraw the support, if home ministry and deputy PM not given to them. It is said that NC Vice-President Ram Chandra Poudel and General Secretary Prakash Man Singh along with other members has been bullying with PM Koirala that home ministry shouldn’t be given to CPN-UML.

Sushil Koirala   Madhav Kumar Nepal

At the party discussions, CPN-UML leader Bishnu Poudel said, “The seven-point agreement was signed ensuring equal status to NC and CPN-UML while forming the government as per the people’s mandate. But NC has violated the agreement within a few hours.” But, speaking with reporters at Pokhara, CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said that there hasn’t been any kind of agreement between the parties regarding the administering of home ministry. He further added that the issue can be discussed over and CPN-UML would not join the government, if equal power sharing isn’t carried out.

On the other side, Youth Leader of NC, Gagan Thapa, stating that NC shouldn’t let down CPN-UML, said, “This is what we have raised from the beginning. We have always demanded that every understanding or agreement should be transparent. This dispute would not have arisen if the latest agreement had also been revealed publicly.” Alongside the dispute, CPN-UML Secretary Shankar Pokharel said that they will withdraw the support, if NC doesn’t vote in favor of Subhash Nembang for election of CA Spokesperson. NC leader Sujata Koirala also said that it won’t matter if home ministry is given to CPN-UML. But, PM Koirala has said that NC won’t offer home ministry to CPN-UML, if Bam Dev Gautam is proposed from the later.

Watch the video below about what CPN-UML leaders have commented on the home ministry dispute.


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