Election Commission of Nepal

Election Commission to Held Local Elections by April

After the success of Constituent Assembly (CA) Election 2013, Election Commission (EC) is preparing to hold the local elections by April this year. Chief Election Commissioner, Neelkantha Upreti, said that if the date is fixed by March, EC is ready to conduct the local elections by April. He also said that the government and major political parties should prioritize the agenda of local elections. The commission of local elections has become unassailable with the completion of CA Election.

Almost all of the political parties had committed in their manifesto that they would hold the local elections within six months of the conclusion of CA Election. Chief Commissioner Upreti also said that there is urgent need of amendments in existing bylaws along with Local Autonomous Rule Act and other acts related to local elections. He added that inclusive local bodies can strengthen the central organization in establishing republic democracy. Recently, the Supreme Court had also issued an ordinance for ‘no vote’ option, which also needs to be adjusted with alterations in acts related to election.

As groundwork for local elections, Ministry of Local Development has prepared a first amendment draft of Local Autonomous Rule Act 1998. The amendment is based upon the 11-point agreement signed between the political parties on March last year, to hold the local elections. Speaker of the Ministry of Local Development, Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, said that the executive team formed by the Council of Ministers has also asked for suggestions from associated bodies regarding the amendment draft. There is a provision of holding the local elections in every five years, but the election hasn’t been held since 1997.

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