CPN-UML Finally Decides to Join the Government

After the long disputed home ministry row, CPN-UML has finally decided to join the government led by NC. Previously, the former has been denying joining the government referencing the destruction of seven-point agreement signed between NC and CPN-UML on 10th February. CPN-UML had been accusing Prime Minister Sushil Koirala for betraying them by refusing to assign home ministry as agreed. It has been two weeks since Koirala was elected as a new PM, and due to home ministry row, the cabinet of new government hasn’t been formed yet.

With positive response from PM Koirala, CPN-UML decided today that they will be joining the new government under Vice-Chairman Bam Dev Gautam, given that the seven-point agreement will be implemented. Since late afternoon today, the NC and CPN-UML leaders have been in internal discussion at Dwarika’s Hotel, Battisputali. At the ongoing discussion, NC leaders Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Ram Saran Mahat, and CPN-UML Vice-Chairman Gautam have said that the dialogue is going on in a constructive note.

NC and CPN-UML Flags

CPN-UML Secretary Bishnu Poudel, who is also at the discussion, said that they will be joining the government in conditional way if NC accepts CPN-UML Vice-Chairman Gautam as Deputy Prime Minister along with other ministries settled. He also said that the ministry sharing will be finalized through today’s discussion, and they would be submitting the ministry candidates from CPN-UML by tomorrow.

On the other hand, whilst PM Koirala has decided to provide home ministry to CPN-UML, there is a dispute arising inside NC regarding the ministry sharing. Another influential NC leader Sher Bahadur Deuba has warned PM Koirala that he won’t be directing his party leaders to participate in the cabinet, if respectful position not settled.

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