Budget Allocation and Distribution Sajha Sawal

Budget Allocation and Distribution – Sajha Sawal 21 July 2013

Watch the latest Sajha Sawal Episode as broadcasted on 21 July 2013 on Kantipur Television. Presenter Narayan Shrestha discusses Budget Allocation and Distribution in this episode of the program. Watch the 297th Episode of the program below.

Nepal government recently presented a budget of Rs 517.24 billion for the fiscal year 2013/14. The budget saw increase in government staff salary by 18 per cent but what does it hold for Taxpayers and other general public. Discussing the issue along with Narayan Shrestha is Deependra Bahadur Kshetry (Former Vice-Chairman, National Planning Commission), Shanta Chaudhary (Former Law Maker) and Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal (Chief Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance).

Deependra Bahadur Kshetry National Planning Commission

Shanta Chaudhary Former Law Maker

Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal Chief Economic Adviser

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