American Ballons in Nepal

American Scout Balloons in the Hills of Nepal?

Time and again we hear that American secret agents have been naively collecting stealthy information from various parts of countries. Interestingly, A secret American scout balloon has been found in Rodikot VDC of Humla in Nepal yesterday. Local shepherds of Rodikot found a scout balloon directed from America to decrypt information.

A local shepherd, Padam Shahi, was amazed when he noticed a non-hominoid balloon, stuck on a twig of a tree. The balloon is said to have seen there around last Saturday night. Bhakta Raj Aidi, a reporter at Radio Karnali Awaj in Simikot, told that there were 23 smaller balloons within the stuck balloon, and the balloon had red in print, inscribed RITESS on it. Some cams, not the same as GPS instruments, were found inside the balloon.

According to DSP Mekh Bahadur Khatri, Incharge at Humla District Police Office, a police force team was immediately sent off towards the site after the report. But, the team dispatched from Sarkegad Post hasn’t reached at the spot yet. He also said that as it is impossible to search above the local habitation, where the high region is covered in snow; the team has been sent to inquire the locals, who discovered the balloon shards.

During August last year also, similar balloons were found in the hilly regions of Humla. The police department reported that some cellular batteries and cam mechanisms were set up inside the balloons. With these bewildering occurrences, the locals of Humla are amazed that what might be the American scout balloons be doing in the remote hills of Nepal.

Annapurna post reports the balloons are part of Google’s project Loon. What do you think the Balloons could be?

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