Actor Neer Shah Awarded NEFTA ‘Acting Shiromani’ Award

Actor Neer Shah has been awarded the ‘Acting Shiromani’ award by Nepal Film Technical Association (NEFTA). In the 6th edition of the NEFTA Award Distribution Ceremony held today in Malaysia, senior actor Shah was honored by actors Rajesh Hamal, Sunil Thapa and actress Karishma Manandhar. It is inscribed in the appreciation letter that the award has been given to Shah for his uplifting efforts in encouraging the Nepali Movies Industry in international level. Actor Shah has also established a Film College to develop the prospects of Nepali cinemas.

Actor Shah is also known as a poet, lyricist, scriptwriter and movie director. Along the run of 46 years in Nepali Movies Industry, actor Shah has over 15 film credits for various contributions. Also, while going to attend the NEFTA Award Ceremony in Malaysia, Shah signed an agreement of NRs. 2 lakhs with cinematographer Sanjaya Lama for the pre-production of upcoming Nepali movie, ‘Seto Bagh’. The film is based upon the worldwide translated historic novel by Diamond Shumsher Rana.

You can view the 6th NEFTA Awards in detail here.

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