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Actor Jeewan Luitel Launches His Private App

Popular actor of Nepali movies industry, Jeewan Luitel has launched his personal app and website. At an official ceremony held at a restaurant in Tripureshwor on Thursday, actor Luitel officially launched his personal app in order to directly interact with the audiences. Though he had created his personal website two years earlier, the website was also officially launched on Thursday. Speaking at the launching ceremony, actor Luitel said that he expects to diligently interact with his fans through his private app.

Actually, this idea hit actor Luitel after he returned from the film audition for the Bollywood movie Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara. He was aspiring to work with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, and he also had a talk with the third assistant director of the movie. But, he couldn’t work with Akshay Kumar after he was unable to submit his personal app and website to the production unit. He only submitted his bio in a CD-ROM, which was wittingly rejected. Actor Luitel then realized that he should develop his personal app, which would help to establish his filmography bio.

The app has been developed by SunBi Creations for actor Luitel. The private app of actor Luitel covers his biography, filmography, news, videos and feedback features. Designer at SunBi Creations, Bijay Barakoti, said that the app can be downloaded free for Android OS version through Google Play Store. Designer Barakoti also said that the iOS version of the app will be launched soon after feedbacks from the Android OS users.

Actor Luitel said that he has launched his private app exploiting the feat of information technology. He also hopes that direct interaction with the audiences through the app would help him to advance against his flaws. With the launch of 2.8 MB private app, actor Luitel has become the first celebrity in Nepal to develop the personal app of this sort. Actor Luitel has been in the Nepali Movies Industry for 12 years and desires to work in Nepali Cinemas for more years. Actor Luitel is going to Malaysia soon for the filming of his 25th movie, Black and White.

You can free download the Jeewan Luitel app at Google Play Store. The app can be downloaded free for Android OS of 2.2 and up. The app has already got a rating of 4.8 from 14 users.

Best Wishes to actor Jeewan Luitel on his private app launch.

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