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Malvika Subba Interview on Black N White Image Channel

Watch the interview of Malvika Subba in a latest episode of Black and White Program on Image Channel.

Malvika Subba with Vijay Lama Black and White Program

Being interviewed by Captain Vijay Lama for Black and White tv show today. Coming Soon on Image Channel! I have known Vijay bhena for years now and it was an honor being interviewed by him.

Malvika Subba

One of the popular Miss Nepals ever, Malvika Subba needs no introduction. Find out more about her on this friendly talk show with Bijay Lama. Watch the interview video below.

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  1. milanlopchan Reply

    hats off to u miss malvika subba

  2. Seena Limbu Reply

    u inspired me MALVIKA didi….love u

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